Understanding Ultra Processed Foods: the SIGA Index

Do you know what Ultra Processed Food (AUT) is?

AUT groups together the beautiful and fragrant foods presented in a beautiful dress. They have everything to seduce us but they are, to put it simply, false foods. Their nutritional power is gone.

When we created Herbalist 10 years ago, we wanted to show that it is possible to produce a natural drink for the greatest number, without compromising on ingredients, without seeking the lowest price.

Today Herbalist is SIGA Gold Medalist, a recognition of our commitment to a positive and nourishing food, source of nutrients and well-being!

The SIGA index < / span> is a scientific nutritional score which assesses the degree of food processing.

Here in summary, the SIGA approach


What is healthy food ? The health potential of a food can no longer be reduced solely to its nutritional quality (amounts of fat, proteins, fibers, sugars, salts, etc.). You have to take into account the overall quality of the food , its structure, and that of its ingredients.

The structure of a food, called a matrix, has a direct impact on how it is metabolized by the body. Analyzing this matrix assumes understanding the ingredients used: are the sugars present natural or added? by what process were these ingredients obtained? etc.

To study the structure of our foods is to ask the question of the transformation of the ingredients that compose them.

The illustrations and texts extracted from the process are the property of SIGA

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