Duo Maté-Thé-Vert-Glacé-Gingembre-Apéritif-Végétal
Draining Kit - Light Lemon Duo - 16 bottles of 1L
Duo Maté-Thé-Vert-Glacé-Gingembre-Drainant-tonifiant-faible-calories
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Draining Kit - Light Lemon Duo - 16 bottles of 1L

Here are our two super low calorie Herbalist recipes, draining lemon juice drinks with only 12kcal / 100ml (against 48kcal for a fruit juice ).

With their low glycemic index and no added sugar, these fresh tasting drinks offer a very healthy alternative to light or slimming drinks.

The traditional pressing of green tea leaves or green mate releases natural caffeine which associated with lemon contributes to drainage and clearance.

Guaranteed tone throughout your rebalancing period!

These drinks are suitable for diabetics.

The Force & amp; Slimming contains:

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Herbalist is also available everywhere in France in supermarkets

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To be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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