Un magnifique brunch orange et rouge, avec de l'Hibiscus
L'Hibiscus est la boisson la plus rafraichissante qui soit
Les petits s'hydratent bien avec une boisson à l'hibiscus, sans ajout de sucre
L'hibiscus est une boisson idéale pour les enfants sans sucres ajoutés
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Defense Kit - Hibiscus Duo - 16 bottles of 1L

This Defense duo, Red and Rose, combines two floral infusions (artisanal infusions of Hibiscus or Elderberry) assembled with juice of tart berries, black currant or currant.

Hibiscus contains formidable natural nutrients, red and anti-inflammatory anthocyanins ... and many other delicious molecules! If you want to know all the Benefits of Hibiscus, it's here .

And elder flowers, do you know? Their infusion has a unique flavor, of peach or passion and their umbels have the reputation of being antiviral.

No white sugar, more vegetables and fruits, here are recipes that will please everyone. family, from the youngest to the oldest, in cocktails, in granita, fresh or hot.

The Defense Duo contains:

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To be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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