L'Atelier des Fluides

L'Atelier des Fluides, creator of natural drinks

In 2004, during a trip to Japan, Caroline Sirch discovered Asian-style bottled tea, sugar-free and very natural, very different from American-style iced tea.

The idea of ​​a simple herbal drink caught on.

The project started in 2009, with a Research and Development phase around the manufacture of infusions and small-scale pilot tests. The journey is long, extraction equipment is non-existent, and industrial partners are reluctant to get involved in atypical projects.

At the end of 2012, a first version of Herbalist, in 33cL format, was finally launched in a few Monoprix stores in Ile de France.

The taste of Herbalist, natural and very little sweet, shocks consumers accustomed to ice tea. The packaging, in cardboard, confuses them and displeases distributors, who prefer the transparency of plastic. This first edition is not a success.

In 2014, l'Atelier reformulated Herbalist in an even more radical way by removing the added sugar present in all its recipes.

The 1L format was created with the 33cL and is launched in several stores nationwide.

Since the end of 2015, the company has only produced organically.

Its products are currently available in supermarkets and medium-sized stores throughout France.

L'Atelier remains a small, predominantly family business that employs half a dozen people.