Green mate: why do athletes love it so much?

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Before launching into the explanations, we thank Antoine Griezmann, big drinker of mate. “Mate is like tea or coffee, before training ... it wakes me up ... I drink it all the time ”.

It has so much right! The infusion of maté replaces all stimulating drinks - energy drinks or coffee - with great functional and nutritional benefits.

What are the nutritional benefits of mate?

There are a lot of them, here are a few ...

From first, mate contains a good dose of caffeine or “mateine”

Mateine ​​is stimulating but not irritating like that of coffee or energy drinks because it causes less release of cortisol, one of the stress hormones. With mate, no hyperactivity or nervousness, just good, lasting energy, physical and mental.

In athletic activity, mate also has the reputation of being an excellent fat burner, with a tenfold intensity during exercise. A large glass of Herbalist Mate Lemon Ginger < / a> before or after sport, it's ideal!

Finally, the“ zen ”energy of mate allows good concentration mental, so it's a great drink for students; no more “sugar + added caffeine” combo; if we consume it too often, it ends up causing increased aggressiveness and permanent cravings for even sweeter products.

With Herbalist Green Mate Passion Guarana , you will discover a super fuel for your brain!

< p> Green mate or black mate, what's the difference?

Herbalist infuses green mate leaves for their very sweet taste ; these unroasted leaves lack those smoky "cold ash" notes that may repel some. On the contrary, the discreetly toasted flavor of our Duo of Green Mate with lemon or passion juice is very refreshing.

In green mate, the micronutrients are better preserved because the leaves are dried but not roasted.