Industrial vs. Herbalist iced tea: what's the difference?

Before we start ... do you know how bottled iced tea is made?

The majority of iced teas you find on the shelves, in plastic bottles most often, are made with a base of tea flavor or so-called "intense" tea infusion with the addition of a bunch of ingredients such as citric acid or malic acid, acidity, flavor and added sugar correctors.

Products are often transparent or clarified to make them shiny and contain very few nutrients. In short, it's a bit like flavored water, not like our real iced teas Herbalist.

Iced teas are so-called ultra-processed products. Here is a comparison made by the SIGA index, to discover in detail here.

How Herbalist makes his brewed tea?

Herbalist is the first brand to have created, in 2011, traditional tea drinks by infusing the leaves by immersion in water; thus, we allow ourselves the plants to slowly release the tannins or polyphenols of the tea. This is what gives Herbalist unparalleled aromatic complexity and length in the mouth. When you look at them closely, they are slightly cloudy due to the material of the tea.

In our requirement for naturalness, our recipes do not contain any fruit aromas to give flavor, just juices.

The signature of our Herbalist Green Teas , it is raw and natural taste, characteristic tea texture and great freshness due to the absence of added sugars.

What is the nutritional benefit of real brewed tea? < / strong>

Two molecules are remarkable in green tea: polyphenols or antioxidants and natural caffeine (or theine).

The two molecules (phenol and caffeine) are linked together. which explains that theine is absorbed more slowly by the body, so it is invigorating in the long term, but not exciting like in coffee.

One of the recognized benefits of green tea with lemon juice is its draining and detox power.

Do all iced tea contain antioxidants?

An industrial brewed tea made from water and tea extract is unrivaled, in terms of nutrition, with a natural infusion of tea leaves.

In a Herbalist Green Tea Lemons , the antioxidant content is up to 6 times greater than that of an industrial ice tea . Herbalist also contains vitamins, amino acids, magnesium and potassium.