Herbalist Infusions: natural and balanced

A natural drink

What is a natural drink? It is first of all a very little processed drink with a very short list of ingredients. Herbalist is 93% vegetable infusion on average, leaves or flowers infused by hand to which we add a dash of fruit juice, that's all!

Thanks to its very "clean label" composition, the Herbalist range has a SIGA 3 score and is Gold Medalist in the Beverages category

Unlike most industrial drinks on the market, we don't use:

  • extract (aroma) or so-called "intense" infusion of plants
  • of acidifiers, colorings or fruit flavors, whether or not natural
  • preservatives

Herbalist recipes are simply certified organic and agricultural raw materials.

A wood bran with no added sugars *

Only fruit juices bring their sweet note to Herbalist. Agave syrup, grape mold or stevia are highly processed sweeteners that cannot be described as "natural". The body does not assimilate them well.

We have chosen to sweeten our infusions with fruit juice, in limited quantities in order to quench thirst without causing reactive hypoglycemia.

* contains sugars naturally present in fruit juice.

A low calorie drink

15 kcal / 100 mL on average on our range with an absolute record of 12kcal / 100ml on the Lemon Green Tea and the Maté Lemon Ginger , ie 3 to 4 times less caloric than a fruit juice or a refreshing drink.

Here is an example of the calories in drinks:

  • Iced tea: 50 kcal per 100 mL
  • Orange or brick apple juice: 45 kcal per 100 mL
  • Soda: 90 kcal per 100 mL

A very reasonable carbohydrate drink

The carbohydrate content of our recipes ranges from 2.8 to 4.7 g per 100 mL, which is a very reasonable amount of natural carbohydrates

Here is an example of carbohydrates in drinks:

  • Orange or brick apple juice: 9, 6 g sugar / 100 mL
  • Soda: 9.4 g sugar / 100 mL
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    For the little ones, Herbalist Hibiscus Blackcurrant with only 4.1g / 100ml contains 2 times less carbohydrates than apple or orange juice.

    A drink with natural antioxidants

    All our recipes are source of natural antioxidants provided by plants, in particular the plants during their artisanal infusion : catechins of green tea or red and purple anthocyanins of Hibiscus and blackcurrant.

    An energy source drink

    In four of our recipes, the Green Teas and Green Matés , the caffeine molecule is naturally present with its energizing and stimulating power , ideal to replace an energy drink or coffee, in summer.

    At Herbalist, the effect of caffeine is milder than in coffee because it is released more slowly in the body, not causing a "spike" of excitement.

    The caffeine in Tea or Maté and of course Guarana helps you stay awake and promotes concentration.

    Our drinks should be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.