Do you know the benefits of Hibiscus?

There are few drinks as intensely thirst-quenching as Hibiscus.

Its tangy taste and ruby ​​color made us want to create two fresh and intensely fruity recipes in Blackcurrant or Gooseberry which provide a maximum of micro-nutrients and much less carbohydrates than a juice of industrial fruit.

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Do you know the benefits of hibiscus?

The healing reputation of hibiscus tea has spanned centuries and across many cultures, from East to West. It is also called Bissap, Groseille Pays and Karkade. It does not contain caffeine and is a great drink for children!

Hibiscus infusion is known to be anti-inflammatory and hypotensive effect thanks to remarkable antioxidants : anthocyanins, a natural pigment present in red and purple fruits (blackcurrant, beet).

The diuretic and antiseptic action of hibiscus would also act effectively against urinary tract infections , menstrual pain . Our drinks can be consumed fresh or hot, to be good in case cooling or transient flu-like condition. Hibiscus is a great alternative to fruit juice.

Finally the hibiscus infusion would have a < strong> positive impact on type 2 diabetes by helping to maintain good blood sugar levels.