The Herbalist Project True Infusions

In homage to Herbalism

< span style = "color: # 537426;"> We were told it was impossible ... so we did it: in 2011, we made our first drinks, two infused teas and a Rooibos, using only plants and fruits ... and a little white sugar ... which quickly disappeared!
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Au < span style = "color: # 537426;"> moment where the Herbalist story begins, it there is no drink made from plants and fruits; iced teas and other sodas contain at least three additives - citric acid - acidity regulator - aromas.

The principle of Herbalist is to make homemade recipes, explains Caroline Sirch; our prototypes are always created in our laboratory kitchen and our infusion bases are handcrafted, in a workshop in western France; Herbalist is the pioneer of "craft sodas" ".

"Taste remains the keystone of our work: we seek the natural harmony between plants to be infused and fruit juices, a taste and nutritional harmony between plants ”.

From Anton, the family herbalist, Caroline received the traditional materials, very old manuals and the desire to transmit a new way of drinking.
And you understand this original project: to bring real well-being and pleasure at any time of the day, without risk to health, without guilt.