The Herbalist signature: True Infusions

We create drinks made from plants and juices, on the same principle as iced tea ... except that this is rarely the way iced tea makers do. do.

"True Infusions", our signature , means that we immerse leaves and flowers in simmering water, without adding any extractant.

In order for our recipes to be regular and always pleasant to drink, we have discovered that we must respect four fundamental parameters which together form , a perfect infusion equation :

  1. the content in nutrients < / strong> plant,
  2. the temperature of the infusion water
  3. the plant / water ratio in the 'infusion
  4. the duration of infusion

So pay attention when you read " aroma "< / strong> or "intense infusion" over iced tea, ask yourself what kind of infusion is it: real or industrial?

What color is your bottled tea? Is it transparent like crystal? Where are the molecules that bring taste and texture to an infusion, where have nutrients such as polyphenols gone?

An industrial infusion is standardized to appeal to as many people as possible: it must be transparent, nicely colored and above all, to have the delicious flavor of a candy, by adding aromas and sugar.

Herbalist, return to the true territories of taste

Each of our fruity infusions has its own character: a cloudy pink color for Hibiscus Elderberry Redcurrant, intense acidity in Mate Lemon Ginger, volatile and minty notes escaping from Cherry Verbena.

From the sweetest to the most tangy, each Herbalist accompanies certain times of the day, sweet or savory dishes, a workout, a moment of calm.

Drinking Herbalist is a complete and uncompromising experience, which brings taste, freshness and nutrients to those seeking a more natural thirst.